The Women 360º Congress took place the past 31st of May of 2017. It was an especial edition focused in Technologies applied on Health. The Journey counted with the collaboration of Gas Natural Fenosa, Institut Català de les Dones de la Generealitat de Catalunya, ODS of the United Nations, TicSalut Foundation, Colegio de Farmacéuticos de Barcelona y el Colegio de Médicos de Barcelona, Colnatur, Gynea Laboratorios, Kern Pharma, YoSoy y KIA A.R. Motors.

Innovative projects were presented in this edition, ReMemory amongst them. Maite Garolera, the principal researcher of the project, was the responsible for presenting the project in the congress. It is an innovative cognitive treatment, developed with lifelogging technology (capturing day-to-day images with portable cameras) to stimulate autobiographical re-experimentation and improve the memory and functional capacity of people with cognitive impairment. When the stimulation is done with material that is personal, recent in time and with a high emotional component, it causes a multimodal activation of the brain and therefore can stimulate memory and increase emotional well-being”, said Maite Garolera.